September 16


Top 5 Cornish Garden Days Out

By Becca Williams

September 16, 2022

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How do you feel about spending a day out exploring beautifully kept garden-scapes? How would you feel about all of this, whilst also exploring with your favourite people and stopping for a lovely bit of cake? Sounds enticing doesn’t it? Well look no further! We have compiled a list of our current favourite garden days out in Cornwall for you to enjoy. We hope this helps you feel connected to nature, present in the moment and ultimately extra-cosy.

Trebah Gardens


  • Whereabouts? Near Falmouth
  • Cost: £13 per adult
  • Facilities: Landscaped garden, beach, cafe and shops
  • Dog friendly!
A photograph of a beautiful garden. The plants and trees are very green and surrounded by mist.

A garden of many magical memories for me. As a child, we would visit as a family, complete a Christmas trail and find Father Christmas on the beach. I was fully convinced that was where Father Christmas lived!

This garden is astoundingly beautiful. Situated on the river in the beautiful Cornish climate means the garden is true tropical vibes. You can walk beneath bamboo and palm trees and seek small ponds of large coy waiting eagerly for food. They even have an amphitheater. Trebah is not only a beautiful garden but the trail leads down to a lovely shingled beach where you can picnic and dip your toes. Don’t forget your adventure blanket! The garden shop and cafe are also well worth a visit.

Additional plus points to Trebah: You can receive a discounted entry as a National Trust member and they are working hard on their sustainable journey, including goals to be plastic-free and increase the use of solar energy!

A photo of a lake in a garden. There is a little white bridge and lots of beautiful green plants.

Caerhays Garden


  • Whereabouts? Near St Austell
  • Seasonal opening times
  • Cost: £10 per adult
  • Facilities: Garden, castle tours, gift shop and cafe. Nearby beach and coastal walks
  • Dog friendly
A photo of a castle surrounded by trees in a woodland.

This beautiful spot is only open during springtime so it’s one to add to your calendar in advance. The gardens at Caerhays appear expansive and quite wild, with fields of daffodils and ancient trees. The highlight here is their magnificent Magnolia trees. The colour and the perfume of these hundred-year-old trees are a must-see.

The options for your visit are quite expansive with a range of short and long trails through the gardens available. You can also wander down to the beach and up to the coastline within a few minutes. Honestly, even the walk from the castle to the beach is something quite wonderful as you spy from afar a lovely lake home to many kinds of birds. Not only that but you can tour the castle!

A photo from inside a castle of an archway. There is a big green bush and pink magnolia tree.

Trelissick Garden


  • Whereabouts? Near Feock, between Falmouth and Truro
  • Cost: £13 per adult
  • Facilities: Landscaped garden, house, cafe and shop. They also have a bookshop and art gallery. Beach and woodland walks also available.
  • The garden and house are NOT dog friendly. The woodland estate and beach are though!
A photo of a wall of purple wisteria in a beautiful garden.

For me, this place is quite a home from home as I visit often and always have. The woodland trails alone are worth a visit. The little beach is perfect for a picnic and you can take sight of the estuary for basically the entire walk. Fancy a little trip? Hop across the river on the King Harry ferry; a chain ferry that will take you to the Roseland Peninsula. From Trelissick you can also hop on the Falmouth-Truro ferry for a trip to either one. It’s well worth it!

If you decide to stay closer to the gardens for exploration you’ll be in for a treat for all seasons. My personal favourite is the springtime purple wisteria with its heavenly perfume but Autumn and Winter will not be disappointing. The gardens take a steady and near-even path around and take you towards the beautiful stately home and cafe – don’t forget to stop for cake!

A photo of a young woman wrapped in a blue blanket whilst walking along a beach. The beach is on a river and there are trees in the background.

Glendurgan Garden


  • Whereabouts? Near Falmouth
  • Cost: £10 per adult
  • Facilities: Landscaped garden, including maze. Cafe and bookshop plus a beach nearby.
  • Not dog friendly. Though the surrounding countryside is.
A photo of a thatched cabin in a garden. The cabin is surrounded by trees.

A beautiful Autumnal paradise. The last time I visited it was torrential rain and I still managed to have a great time. This is quite a small National Trust garden that resides right next to Trebah. It feels quaint and peaceful as soon as you step within the walls. Following the trail you will encounter all of Glendurgan’s hidden treasures. The best treasure is a toss-up between the giant rope swing (yes, it’s brilliant) or the famous maze planted originally by the Fox family for their children. It’s not to be missed! If you head to the top of the garden and look down you will also be treated to a rare sight of the maze from above. Pretty as a picture.

Continuing along the trail will take you to the village of Durgan. A fishing village alongside the Helford river. A quaint and homey feel resides in the village alongside a lovely shingly beach, perfect for a little wild swim adventure. For me, this garden is perfect for a peaceful family day out. Don’t forget your picnic food!

A photo of a small pond that is surrounded by lots of plants within a lovely landscaped garden.

Trewithen Gardens


  • Whereabouts: Truro
  • Seasonal opening times
  • Cost: £10 per adult
  • Facilities: Garden, shop and tea shed. And a family of red squirrels!
  • Dog friendly
A photo of lots of brightly coloured plants within a garden.

Trewithen means ‘house of the trees’ and it could not be more accurate. The gardens are surrounded by a beautiful woodland. Being open during spring and summer means you can often find the tree roots littered with daffodils and take in the scent of their famous Magnolias.

My visit was during springtime and it was a colourful wonder. The garden felt wild. Within the trails were beautiful hidden view spots, allowing you to feel enveloped in the landscape or take in the views of the canopy from above. The red squirrels were also a personal highlight as I’d never seen any before! On you’re way out be sure to stop at the tea shed – it is beautifully quaint.

A photo of a golden coloured dog that is out on a day out at a garden in Cornwall. There are lots of colourful plants in the background.

The End of the Trail

We hope this inspires you to pack your backpack, lace up your boots and head out to a beautiful garden. Whether you are local to Cornwall or visiting for a holiday may you feel immersed in the beauty and connected to nature. And have fun! These beautiful places are great for a peaceful family day out and a little cafe stop.

Let us know of your experiences in the comments or if you have any favourite gardens to add!

A photo of a beautiful yellow flower taken in a garden in Cornwall.

Becca Williams

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