May 30


Our Guide To Merino Wool

By Mark Roberts

May 30, 2022

Our products are made of the finest Merino wool. Here is why and how you can look after your products!

We love being on the coast and being able to get outside into the sea and along the coastal path. We love it so much, we are working to making luxury, beautiful and sustainable products that keep people comfortable and confident when they venture out into the wild.

We choose to work with Merino wool because it’s the best material for adventures no matter the season or location. The wonderful thing about Merino fibre is that it perfectly balances temperature. Taking sweat away in a vapour and even removing odours (as tested out by our lovely but sometimes smelly dog, Ember).

These benefits of wool enable athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to go farther and experience more—making it the ideal performance material for exploring nature.

Plus, it’s crazy comfortable.

stud merino wool lambs on a farm in Australia
stud merino rams on Australian farm

The Benefits of Merino Wool

Sheep regrow their fleece each year and we simply use the amazing fibres once they are sheared off in a safe environment. It is completely renewable as it’s all part of the sheep’s natural process. These happy animals hang out in temperatures that range from 5 degrees to 95 degrees—no problem. It’s a pretty amazing fibre.

Temperature Regulation
Working both ways this fibre ensures that your body is always warm when needed and cool when needed. The natural structure of Merino Wool ensures that when it’s cold you are warm as it traps air between it and you. Then when you sweat it takes that away from skin and out as vapour. Leaving you extra comfortable no matter what kind of adventure you’ve chosen.

Comfortable & Durable

Wool is measured in microns and Merino Wool is amongst the lowest making it luxurious against your skin and not itchy at all. The strength of the fibre also makes sure that it is durable and strong. You could hike the 300 miles of the South West Coast Path in a pair of Merino Wool socks and feel happy. Well…as happy as anyone could be walking 300 miles!

a single stud Merino Wool ram at a farm in Australia
Stud Merino ram at a farm in Australia

Looking After Our Merino Wool Products

While we offer a Free Lifetime Repair it’s good to know how to look after your product. At this time we have our Merino Wool blankets but check back regularly as we release more products we will pop all of their care instructions here:

Thanks to its natural antibacterial properties, wool needs far less washing than you might think, and only really needs washing if it’s stained or starting to smell. You should always check the wash-care label as different wool garments will require different kinds of care. Some wool clothing may require hand washing, but generally speaking you can machine wash most wool garments at low temperatures.

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To wash our Merino Wool Blankets, wash at 30C and use a gentle wool cycle with no spin, and make sure not to tumble dry. Instead, dry flat and reshape whilst damp for the best results. You should never use bleach to clean wool, and only use a cool iron to finish.

Our products are very durable so don’t be afraid to chuck it in the back of the van for a short trip but generally we recommend that you keep your blanket in a safe spot as you might any other blanket or throw.

During your adventures it will be absolutely fine on the beach all day and wrapped around you for a lovely sunset. Definitely make sure your beach BBQ doesn’t flick out on top. We don’t recommend flames in general as part of looking after your blanket.

If you do have any questions about your blanket or about Merino Wool then please email us [email protected] and we will be happy to help!

Mark Roberts

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Mark is Co-Founder of Cornish & Cosy. He is focused on the website and making sure all of our customers are happy. Can be found in the sea or working on his van conversion.

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