• Certified Merino Wool blend
  • Temperature controlled fabric blend
  • Beautiful colours that look good at home or on the road

Comfortable, cosy, good for outdoor walks but also comfy inside.


Comfy & Cosy Socks For Adventure Or Relaxation

You can select from our 5 colours of socks. All of our colours are inspired by the autumn and winters of Cornwall. Rich, deep colours of the sea, sky and forest.

Certified Merino Wool Blend

74% Merino Wool, 20% Nylon, 6% Acrylic. Getting the advantage of merino with flexibility and comfort.

Durable & Adventure Ready

Our socks are very resilient and work brilliantly as your option for hiking or even popping on post-swim for warmth.

Odour Repellent

Merino's natural fibres allow odours to simply pass through. No need to wash these socks all the time but if you do want to, it will be fine in the machine.

Temperature Control

The all-natural merino wool wicks away sweat, just like performance sports clothes and keeps you warm as you would expect from wool. 

Why Are Our Socks So Special?

Discover Their Impressive Features

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Merino wool socks are the best really. Comfy, very soft and great with wellies or walking shoes.


Super cosy and love the range of colours. Sand are my favourite. Very autumnal!


Are you going on any winter walks?

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  • Get your trip planned ahead of time
  • Spend more energy on picking where to go
  • Everyone organised and self sufficient
  • Our Commitments To You

    Free Delivery

    For anyone with in Cornwall (also comes Carbon Neutral!) and for any orders in the UK over £100.

    Free Lifetime Repair

    You can find full info here but we believe that our blankets are an investment and we want to help you look after it.

    Sustainability As Standard

    We will always source from the most sustainable places and practices that are available. We will always keep our impact at the lowest possible. For our full plan you can click here.

    Buy Now Pay Later

    We have partnered with Klarna to offer either a 30 day grace period or to break down the payment into 3. We hope this helps people access our products. 

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    Who are cornish & cosy?

    A local, Cornwall based lifestyle brand making the world a better place

    Our Mission & Values


    Our stakeholders should be free to find joy in our products and business, our business will be remote working, low-carbon and built around a life-work balance, not a work-life balance. 


    We understand and respect our impact on the world. We commit to the highest standards of sustainability that we can and reduce our impact wherever possible. 


    Human beings are all equal and we will meet everyone with that thought in our minds. We will choose to be kind rather than right. 


    The sacred space where everyone can feel safe and cosy. This can be anywhere for anyone and we will create space in our business for people to share what that word means for them. 


    We are inspired by the beauty around us and use nature as our muse to design and manufacture our products.


    To create a world where everyone can experience the feeling of being cosy...


    Where are your SOCKS made FROM?

    74% Merino Wool, 20% Nylon, 6% Acrylic 

    Are your SOCKS made from British wool?

    As far as we can tell there is only one flock of Merino sheep in the UK. They reside in Devon and most of their wool goes to a select supplier. Our sock manufacturer get our Merino wool from other countries like South Africa or New Zealand. Our dream is to also have a flock of Merino sheep here in Cornwall but our climate is not their favourite and we will have to spend a lot of time planning for that expansion.

    How long will it be until my order arrives?

    All orders start their shipping journey the day after they are purchased. For local customers we use a carbon free delivery service that might mean a slight delay in your shipping as we have to arrange for a collection with a small, local company of just 2 vans. For orders beyond Cornwall we will use Royal Mail tracked and provide updates and tracking for you as the parcel leaves, normally the day after purchase.

    How do I look after my socks?

    We want you to have so much fun out on adventures with your socks so we do offer a lifetime free repair service. However to make sure you don't have to send it back to us too soon we have created a wonderful guide on how to maintain your products.

    Adventuring Through Cornwall

    Exploring The Coast In Comfort