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Our Blankets

100% Certified Merino Wool

Our merino wool comes from a certified source, maintaining the highest welfare standards and sustainable best practices.

Zero Waste

Our Mill has initiated practices on the production line to move towards a zero waste model of manufacturing. This includes the capture and re-use of loose fibre during both the carding and spinning processes

Carbon Free Delivery

Working with a local logistics partner we are able to offer Carbon Free delivery throughout Cornwall and working on Devon as a next target. 

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

 Plastic yarn cones and polythene wrapping are both recycled internally. We also recycle cardboard internally, and metal bands from bales are sold to be re-used else where.

Renewable Energy

10% of our mills total energy is generated by over 300 solar panels installed on the roof of our warehouse & finishing departments.

Our Packaging

Recycled Cardboard

Our box is made of recycled and recyclable cardboard. Straight into your household recycling. 

Recycled Card Sleeve & Paper Based Stickers

Working with our key partners our mills provide us with 100% recycled cardboard sleeves and on top we place a paper based sticker printed by St Austell Print.

Packaging Tape

There are two types of packaging tape on our boxes a branded and non-branded. The non-branded is standard packing tape. The branded version is made from kraft-paper and is recyclable. 

Recycled Thank-You Card

Printed by St Austell Print with vegetable inks on recycled card stock. Dispose of in your household recycling.

Tags & Labels

Tags are recycled card printed by St Austell Print and the custom label is a  virgin cotton/nylon blend. Something we hope to eventually have made with recycled materials.

Our Sustainability Journey

In order to achieve our mission of creating a world where everyone can experience the feeling of being cosy, we have some work to do! 

Right now, as a new business, our impact is low. Besides our time on the website and the production of our blankets there are very few emissions. This is why instead of just telling you where we are now, we want to share with you our vision for a sustainable brand.

Months 1 - 6

Our biggest emission right now is our digital footprint. Using the Website Carbon Calculator we will monitor our emissions, create the lowest impact website possible and have this as a Key Performance Indicator when reviewing the business.

Months 6 - 12

Sustainability is a complex space and in order to truly evaluate our impact we are committed to going beyond just environmental factors and 'doing our best'. We will sign to be Net-Zero by 2030 and evaluate our business through the lens of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with clear targets and actions before 2030. 

Months 12 - 24

Once we have completed our first full year of operations we will undertake a deep analysis of our carbon footprint. Covering all scopes possible and will work with our suppliers to understand their impact and our portion of that. We will also publish our SDG work alongside our Carbon Footprint in our first annual Impact Report. 

Years 2 - 5

Our grand vision is to own our supply chain. We are committed to not opening a physical store as the emissions will be too big and we believe digital buying, while not free of emissions is overall, a better option. Having a farm in Cornwall where we can produce our own wool, look after our own human and animal welfare and ensure the highest of standards is the most sustainable option. Alongside this we hope to join the United Nations Global Compact and work with an international network of sustainable businesses to ensure the best business practices possible. 

Our Suppliers

We are very proud to start with an incredible partnership with Moons. You can find out more about them on their website but let's explore the highlights:

1. A charter on animal welfare that all their growers sign up to

2. Fully traceable supply chain for easy audit 

3. Committed to Zero-Waste within the factory

4. Continued reinvestment in machinery for efficiency 

5. 300 Solar panels generating 10% of energy consumption with more coming

6. Phasing out of all single-use plastics throughout the chain

Logistics and value chain

For a small business like ours, logistics are pretty straight forward. We order from Moons, they send it to us. You order from us and we send it to you. 

In the future though we want to be able to provide this process free from carbon emissions. For local deliveries we see this being possible in the summer and then hopefully rolling out nationally from next year.

We have had a great conversation with Hoffman Haulage, Cornwall's only 100% electric powered delivery company. They are going to provide us space on their second vehicle due to launch in the summer of 2022. This will allow us not only to offer finance free delivery to Cornwall but carbon free delivery too!

We will be tracking the approximate carbon costs of delivery from day 1 so you can follow along our journey and see how much of a reduction we can make by using this method and hopefully national partners like DPD will be able to catch up in 2023.

Why do we use Merino Wool over Shetland or other wools?


All of our blankets are made from 100% natural fibres.