July 12


Our Home By The Ocean

By Becca Williams

July 12, 2022

Adventure, Cornwall, Ocean

A story of Cornwall.

Features Jack – local explorer with a passion for nature.

We meet with a local explorer to understand more about the lure of the Cornish coast and the value of living by the ocean.

Cornwall. A place of vast seascapes. A place of tumbling waves. Our home.

We meet with Jack on one of his local beaches, Gwithian, a piece of sand that stretches miles. Our walk to the beach is long as we walk along undulating sand dunes. A wildlife haven full of birds and wild ponies. Once there, we take a little climb down some steps and our feet touch the sand.

A photograph of a young man running into the ocean in Cornwall. This place is his home. He carries a surfboard and runs into the white water as the waves lap the shore. It is a sunny day and all is calm.

A day by the water

The morning was spent together walking along the edge of the water, speaking of Cornwall and the sea. Jack brought his board along for the journey and took a brief dip into the sea despite the icy water. We watched on with a little bit of envy but were glad of our toes in the sand and the warm breeze on our backs.

Our visit was brief and the swim a little briefer – given the choice to go sans-wetsuit – but we sat together and chatted a little, pulled together by a love for Cornwall.

A young man, near his home in Cornwall, stands on a beach looking out to sea. he has just been for a surf and is now about to wrap up warm in a blanket. It is a sunny day. You can see waves in the background.

A day of appreciation

Cornwall creates beautiful gratitude in us that we live in such a paradise. Together we felt more grateful as we began our journey toward meeting other people excited by the outdoors and by adventure.

“I love the ability to hike for long hours, usually along the coast path. There always seems to be somewhere new to explore”

Jack himself, a university student studying ecology, spends much of his spare time hiking the coast paths of Cornwall and dipping his toes in the ocean. He told us of his newfound love for hiking and how he can most often be found hiking the coast path and exploring places old and new. In spite of oftentimes being busy behind a computer screen Jack told us how freeing it is to run down to the coast and let the stress blow away with the breeze.

A man walks along the shoreline of a beach in Cornwall, his home. The day is sunny and the waves lap the shore. He wears a bright blue blanket as he walks. In the background is a lighthouse.

A day of inspiration

Together we plopped down on one of our cosy blankets. We chatted and we listened. The gentle swell of the waves. The rich turquoise of the deeper waters. The shimmer of sunlight cast on the surface. All things that inspire us to explore. To breathe deep and smell the salty water and to feel the call of the wild.

We talked of Cornwall. We talked about hiking and sea swimming. Jack – particularly cold at this point following his dip in the water – appeared ready for more adventure after wrapping up warm in one of our blankets.

A cosy moment

With Cornwall as our home, we feel truly surrounded by nature. We feel inspired by a new way of living, or perhaps an old way. A more stripped-back life. A life built of moments spent together, surfing the waves, or taking in the view.

“I try to be prepared for adventure. Often though all I really need is a spot to sit and enjoy the view…and eat lunch”

We feel inspired to achieve a life that allows us to feel connected to ourselves and to nature. To feel more present. It allows us to consider what makes us truly happy.

A man sits atop a bright blue blanket whilst looking out to sea. He sits next to his surfboard and appears to have just been for a surf. The waves are calm and the sea is blue. The beach is in Cornwall, the man's home.

Becca Williams

About the author

Becca is Co-Founder of Cornish and Cosy. She is focused on product design and social media. She can be found wild swimming or out riding her horse.

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