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About Us

We are here to encourage you to move slowly, be in the present and enjoy those little pleasurable moments. Our hope is that you will find those klysful moments in your home, or wherever you may be, alone or together. Our hope is that you’ll feel connected to yourself, the moment and one another. And of course, Cornwall!

Our Mission & Values


Our stakeholders should be free to find joy in our products and business, our business will be remote working, low-carbon and built around a life-work balance, not a work-life balance. 


We understand and respect our impact on the world. We commit to the highest standards of sustainability that we can and reduce our impact wherever possible. 


Human beings are all equal and we will meet everyone with that thought in our minds. We will choose to be kind rather than right. 


The sacred space where everyone can feel safe and cosy. This can be anywhere for anyone and we will create space in our business for people to share what that word means for them. 


We are inspired by the beauty around us and use nature as our muse to design and manufacture our products.


To create a world where everyone can experience the feeling of being cosy...


What does Cornish mean to you? To me Cornwall is deep orange sunsets, salty kisses and sand between your toes. Cornwall is pasties. Cornwall steals your breath with cold water. It is waves and cerulean blue, the sound of seagulls and the salty smell of seaweed. It’s sticky vanilla ice cream fingers and sun drenched skin. Cornwall is busy days and quiet nights. Cornwall is losing your wellington boots in muddy trenches. It is vistas, horizons and that feeling of being home. 


Partly inspired by Scandinavian Hyyge. Mostly inspired by Cornwall’s inherent cosiness. Our Cornish version is Klys, meaning cosy or snug, and isn’t Cornwall just the cosiest? It’s in the moments you feel connected with the ocean, with the life that breathes beneath the waves and with the wave you ride yourself. It’s in the warm smell of heavy cake fresh out of the oven and mugs of hot tea. It’s fireside moments. It’s the breath of warmth that hits you when you walk into a pub. It’s Cornwall’s strong sense of community, of kindness for others and gratitude that we wake up to the sound of the sea. It is wrapping up in a towel and warming your hands over a BBQ. It’s the hot breath you see in a shed full of cows and the smell of hay. It’s watching the sun dip below the horizon. It’s all of those moments when you stand back and take it all in. 

About Mark

Mark is a Cornwall based entrepreneur and sustainability expert. He is an advisor to the United Nations Global Compact and Vice-Chair of Governors at Blackwater Primary School. His favourite outdoor pursuits are sea swimming, coastal path walking and he is currently converting a van into a weekend camper

About Rebecca

Becca is Cornish born and bred with a background and career in psychology and mental health. She can be found swimming, surfing or horse riding - or taking her dog Ember for coast path wonders

Why do we use Merino Wool over Shetland or other wools?


All of our blankets are made from 100% natural fibres.